Hlynur Jökulsson

Composer - singer / songwriter

Hlynur, Hlyn has spent his life as a professional musician, exploring various musical directions,
while honing his craft and developing his own
personal style over the years.

– Having played in various rock- and popgroups in Iceland and Scandinavia he has now returned back
to the roots and recorded his first „solo“ album;
„Letters and tattletales“

The music can best be described as soulful, contemporary folk music; and it‘s natural,
harmonious flow, strong melodies and dreamlike
poetic quality, woven in a tapestry of a colourful mindscape, can be highly recommended as a therapeutic and relaxing remedy in the noisy and stressful environment of modern everyday life. 

– He is currently working on another project thats called.
Jotters myth and has published 5 songs that are on every
streaming sites. He’s publishing singles until the whole album with project Jotters myth is done, hopefully in the summer 2021.

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