Jotters Myth part 2

Hello autumn with your brisk breeze and colorful death.

Here in the north the birds are preparing to fly away to warmer places, the sun
is disappearing slowly, and the evenings are getting shorter day by day.
Not long until the sun disappear for 3 months with almost total darkness, I
admit that I am not fond of that period of the year, but it helps to know it will pass.

The first songs of the project Jotters myth, Ignorance is bliss and Reality
bites have had many listeners from different corners of the world. It is good
to know it’s being appreciated! If you like those songs, please share it!

Now there are 2 songs currently on the mixing table being mixed by Þórir Úlfarsson,
one of my favorite sound technicians. Hopefully in the middle of this month of September,
the songs will be published! I am quite excited! These songs will be a part of
Jotters myth, the album is in making and I have enough songs to fill the glass,
but need the funding. So each day I’m slowly saving for the next song to be
mixed and mastered.

I hope you search and discover new music, different faces, new views and
different angles, every day.
And stay tuned for the new songs!

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