Jotters myth

So long time I’ve wrote something on my blog!
The thing is that I’ve been busy being a father and every other thing In life that we’re supposed to do, like “real“ work and such, that keeps you away from doing what you love.

Music! I love music! I love to make music and listening to music, discovering new music and listening to old music. Music is my oxygen, without it I suffocate. Every morning when I wake up I put on some music and listen while making coffee and breakfast.
I drive to work listening to some good music, never the mainstream radio, which every radio station seems to have become. Every station playing the same music, copying the same news, most of them bought and sold. So I listen to the music which I like and which I find, surfing the internet. Always question mainstream media and politicians I always say!

I still find some time to make music in my home studio. I have just released 2 new songs which is to be a full LP in the end. I attend to release 2 and 2 songs this year. It’s not going to be the project whistling gypsy, but a new project that I named Jotters myth.

The LP shall hold various songs, many new songs and some old. I’ll do all the producing and recording myself, in my home studio.

I publish my music digitally, through online record and publishing company that’s called Orchard Enterprice. So you can find the songs through the link I put here underneath.

First song is called Ignorance is bliss, the lyric speaks for its self. The second song is Reality bites, and in those days, reality bites big!

Hope you take time to listen and please share if you like the songs.
Take care!





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