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Long time since we wrote something so here is a little status report.

We have done several concerts both outside Reykjavik and in. We did another gig in Dillon, a whiskey bar on Laugarvegur, a great place for live music, and we did one concert in Petersen svitan, it’s a hip place located on top of the roof on Gamla bio. The Petersen gig didn’t go so well because one of the acoustic guitars bailed on us and made strange noises through the whole concert.

In the end of May we went to studio Room313 and recorded 2 songs in 7 hours. The studio is owned by a great sound engineer Addi 800, which is one of the best sound engineer in Iceland. The outcome was great and is released on all streaming services like Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and many others.

Here is the link to Road to end, a song that should have been on the album Letters and tattletales
The song Truthful way is a new song that was rehearsed and arranged in the studio.
Here is the link to a playlist with the new songs of Hlyn and project whistling gypsy

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Hlyn and project whistling gypsy is open for booking for festivals. 
Mail to us at hlyn (at)


Recording booth
recording booth

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